Tilting Fast FWD

Cyclevision 2004

tiltrikeAiming to c ombine the best of bicycle and tricycle was this three-wheeler from Bram Smit - who also makes the FastFwd range recumbent bikes and trikes, some for children ( The two rear wheels are linked together so that the bike chassis can tilt just as it would on a two-wheeler - and the steering at the front is again just like a normal bicycle recumbent. Indeed, it uses the front end of the FastFwd seperable low racer. The intention is that while retaining the dynamics of a bike, you gain the extra safety benefits of an extra wheel on slippery surfaces, for example.

I must admit I didn't find it an easy machine to ride, but then I'm not really used to low-rider recumbent bikes anyway. Other onlookers had more succes when they had a go, and came back with smiles.

One other noteworthy feature on this bike is that the rear wheels are constructed using disks of Nomex composite - this sandwiches a honeycomb structure between two stiff skins to form a very lightweight and strong plate. 

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