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The "Tiago" is a logical continuation of the "Vici". The rear-steer mechanism is based on the Ackermann principle where the wheelbase in the bend remains firm and an excellent road-holding ability is guaranteed. This design has simple lines, a characteristic of Fast FWD. The divisibility is an important factor, the "Tiago" can be stored in a small space thanks to the release-wheels and the detachable propulsion (driving) part.


De Tiago 1

For the little ones there is an adapted detachable propulsion (driving) part. This adaptation makes the "Tiago 1" suitable for children of 4 years and older.



De Tiago 2

The "Tiago 2" is meant for kids from 6 to 11 years old and therefore a wonderful beginning of a recumbent career.

Tiago Tiago


De Tiago 3

The "Tiago 3" is meant for children of 11 years and older and has a 7 speed hub.

Tiago 3



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